Light Commercial Vehicles

As LCVs form a business critical part of a fleet, we understand how important it is to manage the end-to-end process of commercial vehicle leasing efficiently, from acquisition and build, through to in life vehicle management, end of contract disposals and renewals. To achieve this we have developed an innovative set of products and services specifically designed to meet the needs of commercial fleets.


Online Build Management

Wave goodbye to unnecessary costs and delays thanks to our award-winning Pulse platform, which makes real-time tracking of every stage of your LCV build management programme a reality.

Split Asset Identification

We’ll help you control, budget for and report on your vehicle assets with no fuss, even when they’re outside the vehicle’s SMR schedule.


Our cutting-edge technology will send you accident notifications and automatically organise repairs. It also links to PDA checklists for vehicle audits and fuel use analysis, which can help you improve driver behaviour and cut downtime.

Intelligent Operations

The widest LCV network. You’ll enjoy a preferred network that’s pre-selected for quality of service and cost, and can cater for a wide range of LCVs. We’re the only independent leasing company to offer this service.

Zero Downtime

Cutting LCV off-road time is the priority for our Downtime Management team. Through initiatives such as off-shift servicing, you could even see downtime reducing to zero.

Experts On Hand

You can have confidence in our LCV teams because they’re all highly trained experts holding specialist qualifications such as the Freight Transport Association’s Certificate of Excellence - delivering smart added value.

LCV Consultancy

Use our award-winning Whole Life Cost analysis to make sure your commercial vehicle fleet is funded using the most cost-effective funding method, or combination of methods. We also check constantly that your fleet policy is synchronised with the latest best practice and legislation.

Keeping Costs Rock Bottom

When it comes to expenditure, we couldn’t be stricter. With our help, you can rest easy knowing all spending will be 100 percent legitimate. And our maintenance spend control and zero authorisation limit means you’ll see costs driven down even more.

Customising Your Vehicle

You’re best placed to know exactly what vehicles are needed to keep your business ticking. And we know how to deliver exactly what you need, thanks to our unrivalled LCV network. From basic ply lining fitment to full vehicle conversions requiring European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval (ECWVTA), our suppliers are on hand to create the tailored light commercial vehicles you need.

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