Salary Sacrifice

Like the sound of all your employees taking off in a brand new car, with no extra admin or cost to your company? With Zenith’s salary sacrifice car scheme, you can.

Employees pay for their cars using part of their gross monthly salary before it goes in their bank, and they don’t need a deposit or credit check. You drive real motivation and satisfaction throughout your organisation - whilst leaving everything to us.

That’s because it’s an all-inclusive package that covers insurance, maintenance, servicing, road tax, tyres, breakdown recovery and more. All wrapped up with Zenith’s dedicated team providing all the admin, management and ongoing support, it’s the ultimate employee benefit.

And it’s not just great for your employees, because salaries are effectively reduced, your organisation saves on NI contributions, whilst you’re seen as an employee-focused company, driving productivity through increased satisfaction.

The key benefits of running salary sacrifice:

  • A high value benefit delivered at no cost or even a cost benefit
  • The scheme can be flexible as it can be extended to all employees
  • Freedom of choice of vehicle
  • It is more attractive where the vehicles have low CO2 emissions
  • Better management of occupational road risk issues
  • A great recruitment and retention tool
  • Highly competitive compared to the external market/PCP
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